Use Wu-Bei coupon, the second room is free

Period of stay: 2021.10.08~2021.12.31
Use Wubei coupon to pay, you can go to the free room
(Second night or second room)


In response to the government's 2021 bicycle tourism year,
Liga Hotel has successfully applied to become a bicycle-friendly hotel
Invite all bicycle friends to stay in

People and bike in the same room: The hotel arranges a specific room type and provides a vertical frame for guests to use in the room.

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Fun Hualien~Room + Day Trip 

Diversified types of itineraries, plus preferential rates
Let you travel Hualien easily~

  • Hualien Farglory Ocean Park
  • Taroko One Day Tour
  •  Whale watching
  • River Tracing
  • Rafting on Xiuguluan River
  • Stay two nights, whale watching + Hualien one-day tour, choose one of four

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Athlete-only project

* You can use this special offer with the recent Hualien County Sports Event Player Card or Event Certificate (only for yourself)
* Breakfast can be changed into a take-out meal box (reservation required three days in advance)
*Provide station and airport shuttle service, reservation is required three days in advance

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