Green Reastaurant

Vitality buffet breakfast service

Provide hotel chefs meticulously plan breakfast meals, combining Chinese and Western ingredients and dishes, including hot food area, cooked food area, cold food area, beverage area... etc., rich and diversified choices to meet the taste of each guest , Stir your taste enjoyment.
Adult breakfast coupon NT$350. Breakfast coupons for students and children, NT$250 each

Time: 06:30~09:30

Meeting room

Complete audio-visual equipment and complete meeting equipment, high-speed broadband network throughout the region and customized meeting styles, multi-functional exhibition hall to meet your changing meeting needs.
With the open-air cafe in the atrium, you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea time during the break to relax the tired mood of the meeting.


Green Reflection 

It is provided to residents, equipped with multi-style vending machines and comfortable rest equipment, so that you can enjoy a peaceful and secret living and resting space apart from the busy and stressful urban life.

Business hours: 08:00~21:30 pm

The business center located on the 1st floor has 3 computers and 1 business machine for free use by lodging passengers, providing convenience for business travelers and business people. It also provides multilingual newspapers and magazines, as well as free tea and other drinks to enjoy a quiet and casual space.

Provides a 10 kg capacity washing machine, dehydrator and dryer, so that you can still conveniently wash your personal clothes during travel. The hotel provides washing powder for free.
Opening hours: 8:00-21:30
Cost: A coin of 50 yuan is required for each use of the washing machine and dryer

Provide a safe, clean and comfortable venue, as well as a variety of small toys and books.

Opening hours: 8:00~21:30

A comprehensive range of fitness equipment, including treadmills, sliding machines, bicycles, yoga equipment, etc., allows you to enjoy relaxing exercises during the journey.
Opening hours: 8:00~21:30
How to use: Only for guests.

The spacious event space can be used by 50 people. It is located at B1 of Hotel A and can be reached by elevator, providing the best place for events and gatherings.

How to use: Make an appointment, please register at the counter, $1500 / hour.

Opening hours: 8:00~21:30.