Order 1 day (24 hours) + additional 6 hours = 30 hours:

Weekdays:$1880/2人  2780/3人  3280/4人 
Holidays   :$2880/2人  3780/3人  4280/4人

Project content:

*Breakfast provided according to room type.

*Provide YATOGO rental locomotive for one day (30 hours), 1 for two persons, 2 for 3-4 persons
*Provide station and airport shuttle services, reservations must be made three days in advance and will not be accepted on the same day


*Not applicable to consecutive holidays
*The Yatogo APP needs to be used together with ID, driver’s license and credit card (guarantee no charge)
*Vehicles can be picked up at each Yatogo location on the same day (the locations can be inquired in APP: Hualien Station, Rieger Hotel... etc.)

Reservation line: 03-8349922.

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